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Judge Bates' Calendar 86 Special Emergency Order

28 Oct 2020 10:53 AM | Christopher Cummings (Administrator)

Attached please find Special Emergency Order No. 2020-08 for Calendar 86, Room 102, in Markham. In light of the fact that I will again be presiding over the Tuesday and Friday State Child Support Call, we had to change the prior Order. Moreover, for some time we have needed to clarify the scheduling process. Although it has not been a problem for the lawyers who regularly appear in my courtroom, those who are infrequently in Markham seemed to need the process to be explained by Meghan, which means it needed to be calcified in the Order. 

All matters must be filed with the Clerks Office before we can hear them. The parties must notify Meghan of the court dates they schedule with the Clerk's Office, whether those dates are scheduled on-line, or at the counter in Markham. We cannot continue to have people popping up on Zoom without our knowing why they are there. Please remember a judge working remotely, as preferred by the Chief Judge, cannot just have a Clerk hand her/him the file. 

There are other changes, so I encourage those practicing in Room 102 to read the Order. It should also be available on the Court's website soon.

Thank you and please stay safe. Hopefully we will all be back to some semblance of our prior existence within the next six months -- or at least back in the courtrooms. 

Judge Frederick H. Bates


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